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Give Me One Hour

(Anita Johns)

Give me one hour on a mountain
To ponder the beauty of skys,
And watch white clouds go sailing
Through yonder paradise.

Give me one hour in a valley
To wonder at nature's plan,
To drape the earth in blossoms
Painted by God's own hand.

Give me one hour in the country
To walk through meadows green,
And I shall keep forever
The memory of all I have seen.

My eyes have seen the mountain,
The valley and meadows green.
My ears have heard the whispers
Of many a country stream.

But lo, I return to the mountain
More often than I may plan ...
For there I am nearer Heaven
And feel the touch of God's hand.

(Easter Issue ideals, Vol. 23, No. 2--March, 1966
Ideals Publishing Co.,
Milwaukee, WI, 53226, 1965)

Among clouds, summit Long's Peak, R.M.N.P., CO July, 1966
Among clouds, From Long's Peak Summit
July, 1966, Rocky Mt. National Park, CO
Skypond approach, Rocky Mt. National Park, 4/16/2017
April 16, 2017  Approaching Sky Pond
Rocky Mt. National Park, CO

Sky Pond with Jagged Spires beyond, 4/16/2017
Sky Pond with Jagged Spires Beyond
April 16, 2017