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Elm Haven Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church
Meetings at:
Church of the Brethren
33660 Weld County Rd 15
Windsor, CO 80550                 
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2nd Quarter 2017 Leaders:
     Ken Schraeder
          Phone Cell: 970-833-8119
          Home Phone: 970-674-9283
          Email:  kenkathy@slbbi.com
     Roy Teston

          Phone: 970-388-1977
          Email:   mrtandtomiec@aol.com

Sabbath School Superintendent:
      Joyce Meyer
        Phone:  Home: 970-352-0590
        Phone:  Cell:  970-978-1077
        Email:   jamincolo@aol.com

     Tracy Schaffer
     Phone: 970-310-5348

          Email:  cm3ftr@caringinc.com
      Meitty Bells
           Phone: 970-412-7344
           Email:  meittymichal@gmail.com
Pastor Jason Logan : 
     Email:  jasonl@rmcsda.org
  cell: 307-680-2493

Re. Windsorsda.org web site:
     Dr. Milton Dick
          Email:  mldick@comcast.net
          Phone:  Cell 970-381-4967