Meeting at Church of the Brethren, Windsor, CO
Sabbath School: 09:30 A.M. (Saturday)
Worship Service: 11:00 A.M. (Saturday)  Directions/Map>>

Consider yourself invited!
Sabbath, June 24
Evangelist Carlos Munoz speaks during the 11:00 A.M. Worship Service
Title:  "The Church of Laodicea"
Pastor Jason Logan and Family Sing at North-East Colorado Campmeeting, Campion
6-10-2017: Pastor Jason Logan and Family Sing

Taken during the Sabbath evening session of  the North-East Colorado Campmeeting
Campion Academy, CO. 

Dr. Ed Schmidt, Director of the North American Division Evangelism Institute at Berrien Springs, MI (not pictured) was the main speaker for the weekend campmeeting.  In a series of intensely interesting talks, the audience was given a vision for carrying out the gospel commission.
Rick Mautz Seminar: Improving your Reflection of Him
Rick Mautz presents "Improving your Reflection of Him" Seminar.
May 20, at the Greeley Seventh-day Adventist Church, we learn techniques that Jesus used in reaching people. Simple, but thoughtful approaches can show we care.  We Christians can lend support to each other and ones we want to reach with God's love.
May 13 Rick Mautz presented the message, "The Immanuel Factor".   Elder Rick Mautz is the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventists health ministry director.  It was a good message revolving around our witness to the world.  The take-away: We Adventist Christians are good at information.  But we need to follow Christ's example and become better support for people.  He will be following up with a seminar May 20 at the Greeley SDA Church 2:30-5:00 P.M. titled "Improving your Reflection of Him".
  Elder Rick Mautz presents "The Immanuel Factor"
Above: Rick Mautz presents "The Immanuel Factor"

Somewhat stale news now, but it's well worth repeating!  April 9, a few of our members handed out 200 Amazing Facts health magazines at Windsor's King Soopers and Safeway stores.  One and a half hours and the magazines were gone!  These magazines hold great facts and advice about life style to maintain good health.  Our Facebook site gave this news in a much more timely fashion. The group is pictured below:
Members pass out Amazing Facts health magazines at Windsor grocery stores


Elm Haven Fellowship members decided on the spur of the moment to celebrate a previous member's birthday, April 23.  One of them drove down to Longmont and picked up Dr. Clyde Dick and 14 members gave him a surprise party at Biaggi's Restaurant near Loveland at Centerra.  Clyde said he would remember this for a long time to come.  He also said he keeps busy at the senior living apartments with a group bible study that several of the residents attend.
Celebrating Dr. Clyde Dick's Birthday at Biaggios in Loveland

Celebrating Clyde's birthday at Biaggios in Loveland
Clyde holds up a desert with a birthday candle
Adventist Christian School Students Present
Above:  Adventist Christian School students present a short program before Pastor Logan delivers the sermon, (April 15)We always enjoy the students when they come to Elm Haven Fellowship. The school is in nearby Greeley.
Adventist Christian School students sing
Above:  Some younger ACS students sing while others await their part, April 15.
ACS Students Play Violins
Above:  Some ACS students play violins, April 15.
Pastor Jason Logan gives the message
Above:  Pastor Jason Logan delivers the message.  Who would have thought that a sermon on Job would be appropriate for the weekend widely celebrated for the death and resurrection of Christ?  Well, it was!  And he tied it in perfectly! (April 15)